The “Not Suitable For Wheelchairs” Run …..

That’s what the Hare, (Sheep Shunter) said as we congregated at the start … !
Well, if that wasn’t a thrown gauntlet ….. ? We checked if the Zimmer-frame run would be arranged soon but that was scorned by the Hare who said it was just a feud between him and PM (or words to that effect)
Looking around there were no prams, walking frames or wheelchairs to be seen – and just as well … the run/walk was of mammoth proportions, (specially designed for Franga – who did not show …) possibly a half marathon, or something similar … Lets say the runners said it was L O N G !!
Again, we Hashers are very good at finding ALL the possible hills, slopes and elevations in any area … even on flat land ! So on and up we went, trailing past the river, (very pretty) and up sets of stairs, followed by Annapurna type embankments.
However, we did get a great drink stop and surveyed the land from the heights. On the way back, there was a special performance by the ” Hash Girls Elephant Walk” navigating the steep descent.
In the circle, the run/walk were rated well, (not sure if Sheep Shunter won the feud) and a few charges were dished out to un-wary Hashers.
Pink Bits x

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