Rocky Road …. But Not A Good One ! ! !

We all love a tasty Rocky Road prepared by Leapfrog BUT THIS WAS NOT THAT SORT OF CHOCCY …
It was a very challenging run that even Franga rated as GOOD ! (Of course)
The Fit-Bit …. (known as Skippy) had the Hashers in his grasp as he set the run from a notoriously FLAT area in Darlington – nothing Darling about it folks !…
As soon as we had our instructions to set off, we were in for a torrid time ! Runners (all 5 of them – it was a long weekend) flew off .. silly them …
Walkers were told to wait a bit and then given “gentle” instructions about the trail … with a drink stop … so not all was lost ! Or was it ?
Oh Dear … ! One of those runs/walks with many, many ups/downs and with the added novelty of moving rocks to tread on … Lovely touch …
So, the pack were carefully making their way (some – not) to the drink stop …. It was worth it … a bit of an Everest climb (note – last week was only Annapurna !) but the bubbles, for some, made it all worth while ….. (Moan/Groan … Huff/Puff)
Eventually the pack made it back to base camp … not without a few scratches, bruises, lost arms and legs, (just flesh wounds) and glazed eyes !
Unfortunately only Wombat got the Lame Duck Award … should have been many others ! 2 Hashers got special FOOT Awards (Cant remember …was delirious !) and we did not scare any (many) children or passers-by. Gosh …it was a good run and hope to have more like that …. (I LIE)
Well done Skippy …. !
Pink Bits xxx

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