We Beat The Rain !!!

In view of the inclement weather, we had a good turn-out at the first mentioned venue. The Hares, Made Muffin/GPS were confident we would avoid the rain so we gathered with only trees for shelter.
After some strange instructions about trail markings from GPS, Maid Muffin told the walkers that we would be on *W’s* but runners and walkers would converge and separate on the run.
It was a bit of road and bush, with some obstacles here and there, just to keep it interesting ! Many of us were amazed by the lovely bushy paths around the suburb. Most of the way, we only encountered a few light showers and eventually got to the drink stop under a convenient veranda. This was no ordinary drink stop …. oh no ! Liqueur port was handed out in celebration of Maid Muffin’s birthday. Woo Hoo !
Back in the circle, we had the usual charges for the Hares but also, as the RA had returned from her secret RA’s business in climes far and away, she was duly charged for bringing the rain ….. She then proceeded to dig deep and find charges for all and sundry ….
After another fine rendition of the club song, we had snacks and birthday cake …. thanks Maid Muffin ! The rain had held off and as it was time to depart, the sky looked ominously dark … Winter is coming …….
Pink Bits xxx

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