Please Don’t let The Rain Come Down On Me ……

This was the catch-cry of our poor Hare Scooby Doo this week ! Alas, to no avail as the heavens opened up just as he was finishing setting the run. What to do ? Our intrepid Hare just turned around and started again … Talk about dedication.
Meanwhile at the start, replete with pre-run port, a committed (they should be …) bunch of Hashers waited for the Hare to show. However, just cos he wasn’t there did not mean he had not left strict instructions with Dripper ! Everyone was to go to the *falls* – no mention of which ones !
Getting underway before the next downpour was important so, we scattered in various directions … and there the trouble started.
The runners were back after 35 minutes (having missed a couple of k’s) and enjoyed refreshments whilst scratching their heads about the walkers. We had some messages (via jungle tom-toms) that the walkers were at a set of falls FAR, FAR AWAY ! Amusing when they came back after about 8 km’s !
Still, in the circle, the Hare got a down-down for sure … The RA was back, wielding lots of power (& gossip) and presented (half-heartedly) a roughly 100 run mug to Franger ! No-one cared …..
There were lots of *long time no see’s* – special mention goes to Yodeller who has been missing from Hills Hash for 20 or more years (don’t let that put you off joining us …. he was NOT lost on a run !)
Then, as the sky got decidedly blacker and a few drops fell from the heavens, we hurried up with the proceedings and ended the night with a smashing rendition of “I’m still standing” – (No No No … sorry that was from the Elton John movie – my ear worm !) I meant our great club song …..
Pink Bits xxx

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