30 June 2019: Gorillas …( Um Err .. I mean) Hashers In The Mist !

Amazing, isn’t it ? On a windy, wet day with horizontal rain whipping around, we meet in a shelter-free area and have a grand turnout ! Tenacious lot !
Young Skippy had valiantly set a trail in a notoriously hilly (complete with rapids) area. The water was swirling with masses of foam !
Looking forward to setting off, we all were instructed to go together and follow usual dots and W’s, with a warning of avoiding getting run over by trains and having to cross some water (not the rapids … you are kidding …?) towards the end.
As the runners disappeared up the misty hill, the walkers did some limbo dancing under gates near the train tracks and then climbed up a steep track in the side of the hill. Watching the runners in our distinctive yellow shirts run up – down, left – right and re-materialise elsewhere was quite amusing ! Not for them however, as there were a number of slips and slides on the way.
During the actual run, we experienced an almost complete dry spell (well done to the RA again ) but towards the end the heavens opened up and freshened up everyone (especially those with already wet feet !)
Hurriedly assembling the circle, the Hare just charged himself for all possible reasons. Once the RA got going, more charges flew thick and fast …. including to some young newbies, brought along by Cheech & Skippy. Lets hope they will not be scarred for life ! The Lame Duck was presented to Dripper for managing to slip and slide a fair bit, and he caused some consternation for the Hare as he was missing for a while ! A search party was required !
Huddling around the small fire, we ended the circle with a reasonably good rendition of the club song (smoke gets in your eyes ?)
On – On
Pink Bits x
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