7 July: *Where the F**karewe Tribe* Was Evident ! (thanks to Madonna for input …)

The Hare chose a beautiful spot for the run but, sadly, got lost setting the trail. Worse still, he tried phoning himself in the hope that someone else might answer his mobile ! OMG …he admitted this – in front of a few Hashers …….Could it get any worse … ? YES, it could ! (read on ….. )
The venue was very busy with *ordinary people* parking and taking their **friends** for a lovely walk on a sunny Sunday. For the Hashers, it was also a sunny run …
When I say run, I mean a *BOOT CAMP* event …. as the runners and walkers discovered !
It seems that the walk had been well marked but – OH … DEAR … the run went missing somewhere (as the Hare) Who would look for lost runners ? Where would they look ? Who cares ?
No, we do and, so, the walkers had an uphill *trial* to start and soldiered on to the finish past lovely waterfalls and up lots of steps. The runners came back in driibs and drabs …. grimacing again in pain and sweat ! (However, some of our runners are soooo cool, they just never mention it ! – Where was Franger ?)
General comments from the pack were that this was indeed a very good run … challenging and creative !
Once the pack was back, the circle commenced and the Hare had a number of charges against him … as he should … The RA went about her business as she had worked hard to have clear sky ..
We had a VIRGIN (again) – Kelly, and she was duly inducted into our circle with some minor problems in consuming the down-down ! ! ! (all sorted now ! Poor thing will never be the same !) Long time no-sees were El Keeno and family and Merline and family …. a highlight was the charge against Free Beer who managed to drive into the portico of her home last week and re-arranged the front of the house … she then sent a text to a Hasher and let them know … Apparently, the plan is to do the same with the kitchen ! (Call Free Beer Home Renovations Inc. !) Accidents do happen … it’s embarrassing, but fun for us !
After all the down-downs , we sang our song and went home ! (No normal people were hurt during our presence

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