Anyone can join us for a run or walk any time they wish.

There’s no joining fee, no forms … just turn up and enjoy on any Sunday of the year.  (4pm in winter, 5pm in summer.  Check the run details to be sure.) Participants can be of any age.  You can be fit (or not), you can be odd (or not), but you should have a love of the outdoors, at least a mild liking for exercise, and a good sense of humour always helps.

What do we do?
“Hashing” involves a 45 minute to 1 hr non-competitive run at your own pace.  A “hare” sets a trail, and we follow it, sometimes looking for it when it’s hard to find, sometimes stopping to rest when we’re buggered.  Walkers usually get a special trail of their own.

There’s no cost, although we do gladly accept a weekly donation of $2 for adults and $1 for kids.

Drinks are available after the run, and on the third Sunday of the month we have “Hash Nosh”, which is a provided meal for $2 a head. Bring a bowl/plate and eating utensils.

Dogs are welcome to most runs, unless it ventures into national park.  Just bring a lead for them in case we encounter roads.

How to join us
The dates and locations of runs/walks should be visible somewhere fairly obvious on this site, as well as contact details for some of us, in case you’d like to ask any questions.

Apart from that, “On-on!” (which is what we shout to alert others that we’ve found the trail)

Some Stats:
Commenced: 27th June 1982
Runs run: 1660 (as of 25 May 2014)