NOT LOST & ON TRAIL …SO THERE ! (or Don’t Lose The RA’s Child :(

Great afternoon to have a run … a goodly group descended on Kalamunda with weather warm. The Hare’s Wacuda & DOSH had slaved setting a great run (but not too long ? ? ? ) and were excited to mention there was a drink stop !
Setting off, we were soon seeing the back end of the runners so they must have been very nimble. The trail was in shade for the greater part of the run so very nice indeed. Coming up the rear, yours truly accompanied a young Spot – On, were  directed to an alternative path that took up the trail of multitudinous W’s. Great we thought, but probably missed the drink stop. Never mind, we will get some refreshments back at the start …. All this time we were not aware that the RA was somewhat frantically searching for us as we had not appeared at the DS. Next, all the fit and healthy runners (and there were one or two …) were mobilised to send out a search party. Phone calls were made (had mine on silent ! Hmmm …..) until we appeared at the start somewhat bemused by all the fuss We had had an adventure that was not a worry to us ….. and NO we did not hear  the Hash Horn.
Parent and child re-united, the stress diffused, we had a lovely circle that had numerous down – downs and charges but they escape me ! (obviously I got one !)
Exhausted  ….. .On – On
Pink Bits xxx

New Year’s Eve News Flash

A select group of hashers gathered on New Year’s Eve at Helena Valley Rd. to draw a line through 2017. The Hare, Teflon Toddler, was apparently enjoying an afternoon nap which required Dripper to sail forth and set a trail with the help Skimpy. No sure what help he was as later on during the run he had no idea where the trail went. We were obliged to follow white micro-dots of flour placed on white sand through the bushland of Cedar Woods new property development. As you can imagine it was slow going! All made it back safe and sound and thirsty for some New Year’s Eve refreshments. We welcomed a new family of runners and walkers Andy & Oliver, Nerrida & Saffron from Parkerville and hope they will return soon. There was a welcome back for Biggus Dickus and Hawkeye from Pattaya. Rock Bottom & Crusher were charged for drinking their own champagne instead of hash piss. A fitting end to year 2017 and hopefully everyone’s New Year resolution is to run more Hills Hash Runs and set more vigorous trails.

On On  P. Merah

Another Christmas Party … ?

Yes well, Hills Hash love a party so on Christmas Eve, those who need to get a life,  got together for a run and shindig !
There weren’t many of us (boutique !) but it was scalding hot so we all hoped for a short trail. Some of us could not manage it, some strolled and some actually ran. Trail was well marked by P M, of course, and had everyone back fairly quickly. We had a few refreshing beverages and a good deal of friendship.
We even had a delicious meal of traditional Christmas Chilli-con-Carne, nice and spicy on this hot day ! Thanks P M for your hospitality ……
Happy New Year to everyone  ?  ?
Pink Bits x x x

Parties, Movies, Everything ….. !

Parties, Movies, Everything ….. !

Let it rain, Let it rain, Let it rain ?   ? ?  ? was definately the theme of the day. So, only a small brave bunch of Hashers fronted up for our grand Christmas Party. This was to be a celebration of Hashing, feasting and movie-going. The ever vigilant R A ?  (had been doing her *Dance of 7 Raincoats* but sadly,  in the wrong order !  (put them ON not OFF)
Still, the run went very well with only a couple of showers to dampen down runners and walkers. As promised, it was a short trail so we were all back, quickly putting Plan B into place and not a moment too soon ! We scuttled over to a lovely sheltered spot close by and commenced the festivities. Not daunted by the ominous sky (oh.. look ! a bit of blue sky over there –> !) we got stuck into a feast of goodies with a warm glow (well there was not much else warm ….) of cameraderie. By now, there were a few Hashers who had called it quits and the pack was dwindling down to a mere 7 (similar to the 7 raincoats DOSH !?) It was with a heavy heart we had to speak with the movie man and state the obvious …. there were not many who wanted to sit through the movie in the rain/storm/hurricane winds (except the R A, still defiant at the weather ….)
So, as the shelter resembled Noah’s Ark with the water rising alarmingly and surrounding us, we packed up our bats and balls and went home ! We were fully fed-up and replete …it had been good …. we was happy (hic)
On – On
Pink Bits xxxxx  ?

Train-ing Excercise …….

So, huddling closely in tiny carpark and surround, we managed to accommodate quite a decent group for this week’s run.
The Hare’s, Skippy and Pink Bits, indicated that there were many, many hills in this part of Hazelmere and that we needed to take heed of cars, buses and trains. Both runners and walkers set off in the same direction ( however, not to meet again till the drink stop !)
It was a hot day and therefore the run/walk was long (obviously) and had a few nearly expiring but everyone got to the drink stop for a few refreshing beverages and sweeties.
It cannot be said that everyone got back at the same time as, (sigh) Team Leapfrog had a bit of a loose-lip problem and  *EVENTUALLY*  (keep that word in mind !) came from the wrong direction.
In the circle, ther were some fines from the stand-in RA but thankfully not too many. Once the formalities were over, we had a bit of a wait for the fish n’chip supper but, lets face it, it did  EVENTUALLY arrive in vast quantities and no-one went home hungry. In fact, there were chip parcels avaiable for OXFAM if required, and I think they are still in transit !
Can’t win ’em all ! ?
On – On

Another Boutique (with Gourmet Overtones) Run …..

A select group of keen Hashers congregated ouside a well known establishment in Chidlow to partake of a ramble/scramble in the back-blocks ! Hare’s Dripper and Pink Bits were worried that it would be a very hot day so went early to set the moderate length  trails. As it turned out, it was overcast and not that hot after all.
Both the run and walk were not too long or arduous so we had everyone back in under an hour. The drink stop was at the end and was refreshing.
In the circle, the RA could not think of any charges so it was left up to the pack to suggest a few…. Nothing too significant as we were looking forward to a BBQ. Once the barbie was hot we cooked and cooked and ate and ate.
Twas good … and very gourmet ……. !
On – On
Pink Bits xxx

Crushed and At Rock Bottom !

A mighty turn out of Hashers converged in a tiny parking area in the flatland of Kalamunda. Run instructions were given by the Hare (his off-sider refused to have any credit or otherwise) and there was a run and 2 walker trails … long and short … when I say short, it wasn’t at all,  just less hilly !
The promise of a drink stop was enough to keep all Hashers going forward and once we got there (runners first) it was well worth it … Magic views but with looming hill to traverse on way back, we stuck close to the Crushless – One in order to get home safe and sound.
In the circle, visitors were welcomed with down – downs, shirts exchanged and others were enticed by the very efficient RA, who kept things moving along nicely. A whole family of leaners were charged heftily, as they should, and others were just fined for anything at all.  Hash Splash made a late appearance (not in Hash gear …) but everyone had some cool fluids to end the H O T days event …..
Great venue …
On – On
P B xxx

How Steep Is My Valley ?

This week’s run was set by P M (he of notorious claim to fame of setting *significant* runs) from the flat suburb of Darlington ! ! ! All of you who missed the run, be grateful …. By all accounts it was a lengthy, arduous and tough-mudder ball-breaker-type run. It lasted for well over an hour and by the state of the runners, the word *knackered* was an appropriate word to describe them.

In the (late) circle P M was charged for everything but his paltry excuse was that there were lovely views … Lovely views are all good if you have the energy to look ! There was a bit of surprise from the pack that there were no injuries, scratches or lost limbs !
On a happy note, one certain Hasher celebrated his 18th birthday with a down-down containing an adult beverage. Well done … more to come !!!
Word of warning …. next week’s run is is little old FLAT Kalamunda.   Groan …keep them short if weather hot and tricky terrain ???
Hash nosh was a welcome feast … thanks Hash Nosh folk !
On – On
Pink Bits xxx

Boutique Stand-In Run

This was indeed a select boutique run with a moderate number of Hashers rolling up on a warm evening.

It was evident at the start that the GM, RA & On-Sec were not going to be present so it was a *STAND-IN* event. Taking on their roles VERY importantly, the temp. GM welcomed everyone and the Hare gave out some vague instructions (as usual) There was a runners and walkers trail, so we were off in different directions. The walk was most pleasant and very well marked, (which did not stop some walkers going off in wrong direction down driveways …!) Runners were not even heard (horn) for quite some time but on returning, judging by the RED faces (not making a joke of this …!) it had been of a fair distance and, despite the heat, (AND NO DRINK STOP) a good run. Apparently, there had been a short stop to investigate a ….. ahem … little cubby deep in the bush which was of some interest to some !

In the circle, the temp RA did his best to deliver charges but was at a loss as he had been on the walkers trail due to a niggling leg. However, there were plenty of charges from the pack to keep the Hash Splash busy !

On a special note, Hills Hash House Harriers are now sporting a new look t-shirt ! It is very smart and makes us look really sporty (Hee ! Hee !) Its all about the look …. get yours soon …….. Thanks to Sheep-Shunter/Light My Fire for your efforts in getting the gear !

On – On


Pink Bits xxx

To Infinity And Beyond ………….or …..I Think I’m Lost !

Amazingly, most Hashers remembered it was a 5pm start ! There were however, a few tardy’s but they managed to catch up !
As it had been a warm day,  the Hares wanted to make this a short run, but, it did not pan out that way … Runners and walkers set off in the same direction and then went separate ways, converging and overtaking … The run had been set around an old quarry so to say the trail was very rocky in parts was not an understatement ! There were some splendid views if you dared take your eyes from the ground and, thankfully, shady parts. It had been a bit of a challenge setting the trail and both Hares managed to get lost (read confused …) at times so they were thinking it may be way too long in the hot weather …. For one Hare, it really felt like infinity and beyond …..
However, it was well marked and there was a much appreciated drink stop (which was secretly filmed by a spy camera, cleverly disguised as a … CAMERA …!!!  Watch out ASIO …) Refreshed and revived, the pack set off for the *On Home* and arrived back to the very welcome sight of the Hash Splash (much consternation at the start as there was no sign of the splash wagon … !)
The circle had some good comments for the Hares even if the run was a tad long. The RA had a few charges for this and that (mostly that …) late arrivals were fined as was the Hash Splash for worrying us …… There was a most interesting accolade for GPS (so he could not be dissapointed ! ! ! ) He was named *** International Global Hash Hero*** by Skimpy and ……….. NO  ….. WAIT ….. What does that mean ???  Oh, …  it was just Simpy’s musings ….ignore …
Skippy (Hash Horn) had his moment to show us his new, bigger and better instrument and he demonstrated how he played it ! Most impressive …..
We had some nibblies and more refreshments and a visit from a local who was wondering what we were up to ……….Ah, the joy of being a Hills Hash House Harrier ……
On – On
Pink Bits xxx