Miles and Miles To Go …. Oh Dear …. & a Belated Birthday Too !

Another beautiful Sunday afternoon had the pack mingling about in Parkerville. The Hare, Dripper, had miscalculated just a teensy – weensy bit using miles instead of kilometres on his there was a possibility it was going to be another MAMMOTH Pink Bits walk part of a few weeks ago … ! Thankfully, it wasn’t !

However, although up a few steep bits at the beginning, it was a great run/walk with scenic spots and false trails going quite a distance … Runners and walkers came in at almost the same time after about an hour. The GM convened the circle and instantly, along with the RA, charged the late comers who had driven miles across the Hills cos they went to the wrong place …. Oh, dummy spits all round for website issues etc. but still the cake arrived for the birthday 5 MONTHS OVERDUE. Very Hash …..

The down-downs were peppered (Ha Ha) with some very healthy spicy tomato juice ……. they were very popular …..(not) After, we had a multitude of snacks to finish off and some went to the Parky for a nice meal (It was freezing outside but we persevered)

On – On


Pink Bits  x

The Cul-De-Sac of Runs !

This weeks run was set from the very lofty heights of Kalamunda. The pack gathered at the end of a road which ended right there. The Hare Scooby Doo, aided and abetted by Thumper, gave directions for walkers and runners and we set of on a fabulous autumn afternoon into the local bushland. The trails were well marked and there was not much water (for a change) We wound around, up and down, down and up minding the slippy bits and the MULTITUDE of gum nuts. The views were spectacular if you dared look up from the ground ….. Occasionally we heard rustling in the bushes which indicated some runners were nearby and our paths crossed almost at the On Home !

This was a great run and, although Scooby had spent the best part of 3 1/2 hours setting it worrying the runners, it ended up being just on an hour.

In the circle, poorly conducted by Hash Vice (who had to ask for the Monks intervention to bring about some order) everyone agreed the run was good and apart from the usual charges and fines, there is nothing significant to report….NO WAIT …. YES THERE IS …..

A NAMING ….. Arianne was named …………. “SPITFIRE”  …………   (for being speedy, sporty and fiery) Congratulations !

In other business, Leapfrog has canvassed the possibility of the General Meeting held Annually to be on JULY 16th ….. A usual Sunday so please * Save the Date *    More details later  ………

We had a scrummy Hash Nosh of Spag. Bol ……. Thanks to  Red Dwarf/Redlight

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What … No PUDDLE Warning ???

On a somewhat overcast, dark and … oh … !!!       lets face it ….  WET Sunday we gathered in a crowded carpark (but with the potential promise of hot chips later from a food van parked conveniently close)

The Hare DOSH, was quick to point in the direction of the run start and gave comprehensive instructions for both runners and walkers. So off we trudged (never a truer word !) over an EXTREMELY rocky trail, that although so well marked you could not get lost, was, nevertheless, tough as  …… Hmm I was wondering if this was a pre-cursor to one of those *Mudder* runs that I was thinking of joining ! (NOT !) It started by mostly going down but that meant, at some point, it would have to go up !

We skipped and twirled with excitement didn’t we…RUNNERS I meant as you all came back with bloodied limbs that invoked visions of twirling …. ??? Mostly falling and scratching but who am I to comment on that.

Eventually, everyone returned safe and sound ( NOTE : GPS was not present this week) Some charges were timidly given for lack of water information (Hey I’m sorry) and others for whatever the circle could think of under the circumstances. Dripping from the roof of the shelter hastened the end of the circle and, although the chips beckoned for some, others went for the yummy curry….

Hash Nosh next week folks



Pink Bits

The long and the short of it

From: Train playground, Glen Forrest

Runners enjoyed a fun-sized run; some in their aprons. Franger enjoyed scooting down a hill, while Nameless scored less than 10 for his diving. Walkers trekked there and back again at double the runner’s duration, the stragglers wandering in as the Circle strained if it was or wasn’t.


(Sorry, this is the post from 2 weeks ago, and the other one is more recent. I am slack…El Kenno. Now on to the run report by Pink Bits…)

Kia Ora to all… Good to be back …

Well on a splendid evening, a very well turned out group of Hashers, resplendent in red frocks and all manner of red attire, were duly positioned in front of Leapfrogs new toy…. a tractor … (what else …?) for the photo shoot. Oh, and for the run of course.

This was a celebration of wedding anniversary (Leapfrog/Passiona) and a Heart Foundation Fund Raiser. With the promise of a drink stop from Hare Leapfrog, we all headed of into the surrounding bushland along a very well marked trail. There were not many incidents on the way to the drink stop, although the beverage was less than gorgeous (other than to Made Muffin) so that was an incident in itself. It seems that the runners veered of trail quite a bit and arrived back from a number of directions. Maybe a few red faces too ?

Despite that we had a satisfactory circle, no least memorable due to the naming of a Hasher * SPARROW * (WARNING: Never mention a favourite movie character unless you are prepared to wear their name for ever ! Could have been worse though …)

After the circle we waited for the fabulous Nosh to arrive (thanks again to Redlight and Red Dwarf) it was a great red chilli con carne….mmmmmmmmm with some cake/sweets to follow.

All that was needed was a short wedding movie from the 80’s  …. NO WAIT … WE DID HAVE THAT TOO !

Great night

On – On

Punk Buts (spoken in New Zealandish)


Another glorious day had the pack assembling at the end of Victor Rd (note: NOT near the Water Corp gates as stated on website …)

PM as Hare gave a few pointers and we set off onto some great, gravelly bush tracks. Runners and walkers were on the same trail for a while then we veered off never to be seen again … till at the end.

That was an ominous statement as you will read on …

So walkers had a very pleasant, if warm, afternoon  (more like summer than autumn) and a few slippy paths to navigate until we reached the beachy pondy rivery thingy!  We had a look (no sharks PM …was joking !) then retraced our steps following M’s. We were almost back at the start when the horn was sounded and the runners raced past getting back just before walkers. Unfortunately, the one runner that had splash was a bit further behind so we had to wait with thirsty tongues a bit longer !!!

As the GM called the circle, we noticed (only just …) that …yes you guessed it … one of the runners was missing (actually 3 but we didn’t know that the other 2 had decided to run today …safety first guys !!!)

A search party was eventually organised with rope, tackle and emergency beacons (I lie …) and set off to find GPS !

This allowed for a few more beverages while waiting and watching the sun set (Oooooh… its getting dark….)

Then just in time, all errant Hashers were sighted and circle called. The safety bra had to be brought out in place of the lame duck attire for cuts, bruises and general all over pain for Dripper but as the down-down utensils were forgotten (down-down for that too !) we had a *shared * container for the mouthful of dubious splash !

Great event yet again…….


Pink Bits

Run 1809

Easter Bunnies

Run 1809



This weeks run was all about Easter treats and chocolate – lots of chocolate.

A big pack of rabbit eared hasher gathered for the annual bunny run, at the end of Moola road. We even had a cute group of bunny eared dogs who posed, in style, for the Hash Flash.

The run was a typical Puki M. hill-a-thon with almost no flat bits, except the bit where an excitable horse decided to jump it’s fence and join in.

The after run chocfest was tucked in by all, thanks Thumper for the delicious profiteroles, Light My Fire for her lovely savoury goodies and Leapfrog for the now traditional choc eggs filled with Baileys for Down Downs.

We congratulated Nameless on his recent wedding in New Zealand and look forward to a full report of the event from Pink Bits on her return next week.

Leapfrog reminded everyone to wear Red for the Ruby Red Dress Run on Sunday the 30th of April.

A $5.00 donation for the run and nosh will be going to the Heart Foundation. Mini hashers are $2.00. BYO eating irons

On On Leapfrog

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Run1808 9/4/17


Hare: Passiona


This time last year a big group of us spent a wonderful week hashing around the Cocos Keeling Islands. Leapfrogs photo albums (yes real printed pictures), were passed around to share the delights of jungle and beach runs in the tropics.

In stark contrast, this weeks run was pure Hills Bush, set by Passiona from Grevillea Mycumbene.

Leapfrog stood in as acting GM as both GM and Vice were off holidaying. She welcomed a big pack of younger runners and a surprise visit from Meaty Bites, who last ran with us about 15 years ago.

The runners and walkers started off together but soon diverged along the relatively flat bush tracks.  The hare must have done something right as both packs came back almost together to share after run snacks from Thumper and Leapfrog.

Dosh performed the Monks duties as GPS was also absent (lost perhaps?), she even fined herself for wearing, what must be the brightest fluoro orange and pink running shoes on the planet!

Next week is the Easter Bunny run so remember to bring along your bunny ears and tails.

The last run of the month (April 30th) is a special “Red dress Run” to celebrate Leapfrog and Passiona’s Ruby wedding anniversary, so dust off your best red dress, we expect to see everyone dazzling in red.


On On


A run of the year

Run1807 2/4/17


Hares: Sheep Shunter and Light my Fire


Everyone remembered the 4:00pm start time and a large pack headed off in all directions to start what can only be described as the “Steepest run of the year”

We all enjoyed the glorious unseasonal river rapids from the Bells Bridge and then it was a hard slog up and up and up.

Runners and walkers were rewarded with beautiful views from the top of the hill side with the added interest of  two long goods trains snaking their way down the valley.

A big pack of mini hashers did well not to fall over on the stony steep tracks, unfortunately Free Beer was not so lucky, coming to grief in full view of the much needed drink stop The circle had many more lame ducks with knee injuries, joining her in the circle.

We all enjoyed nibbles, fruit and drinks on another splendid afternoon of hashing.

Leapfrog reminded everyone to look out for Red Dresses in the Op Shops, for the special Ruby Red Dress Run on the 30/4/17.



The Curious Incident on Roe Hwy !

Well those travelling to GPS’s house would have had a slow drive due to some incident that we didn’t see !

The run was set with the usual professionalism one expects from GPS Sadly, his assistant was less than generous with her flour (as per another club’s run report that I wrote …  “a bag of flour short of a trail !” Ha ! ) It was a fun green dress up day, it being St Patrick’s day celebration,

Runners seemed quite happy that there were no hills and were back before the walkers. We had a naming in the circle of the littlest G’Dosh who is now –  Lookout and she doused herself with her down-down (who influenced this child …!)

Then followed a super repast of Guinness and Beef stew and veggies… Thanks Redlight and Red Dwarf for a great dinner…also thanks to all and sundry for extra bits and pieces.


Till the next time we have the pleasure …


P B    x